Samuel Vail

Team Leader

Sam's story begins nearly a decade ago when he got into the real estate. Sam was instantly a success in the Ann Arbor Area market landing the Rookie of The Year Award at his previous brokerage, he had a natural niche. " I always knew I had a knack for people, and my love of real estate coupled with my family's background allowed for perfect chemistry." Ever heard of Vail, Colorado? No coincidence, Sam's family has deep roots in real estate throughout North America. Dating all the way back to 1648, Vail developments can be found from Chicago to the Big Apple.

As a local, he worked his network and quickly became the talk of the town with his outstanding customer and fierce negotiations. " I've been a musician my whole life, and you tend to develop a negotiating power through all the hoops you have to jump through just to get on stage.". As Sam quickly became a household name throughout Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and the surrounding areas, he began to refine his approach and his purpose. He realized that "Just doing real estate" wasn't going to be enough. He wanted to create an innovative experience for his clients that went beyond the closing table. " I didn't want to just be their 'REALTOR®', I wanted to be their guide and resource for all things to do with real estate."

-Favorite Restaurants: Biwako Sushi, Zamaan Cafe, Avalon Cafe.

-Favorite Activities: Visiting Wiards Cider Mill with his family, Antique Stores, and Record Shops.

-Clubs/Organizations/Groups: Lead guitarist of local band.

-Motivation: "Being able to get my clients into the home of their dreams."

-Real Estate Favorites: Exploring unique homes and neighborhoods, developing an intimate understanding of the market, and curating personal relationships with my clients. 

License #: 6501347386

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