January 2018

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In most real estate transactions there are typically 2 Realtors that represent each party.  The “Listing Agent” represents the seller and their interests and the “Buyers Agent” represents you as the buyer.

A good Buyers Agent is like a well-trained Sherpa that will guide you through the rocky terrain and to the peak of home ownership:

  1. Help you find the right lender and introduce you to loans and programs you may never had heard of

  2. Protect ALL of your interests as a buyer.  From your financial interests to your family interests and future resale.  Buyers agents are focused on protecting you and your investment.

  3. Negotiating the best price and terms.  We will run comparable sales in the neighborhood and make sure you are not

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So you have all the money you’ve been saving for a down payment and you’re ready to buy a home.  Congratulations!  Then you get your final statement (called a closing disclosure) and you need an additional $8,000.  What!!  Well, this scenario should never really happen if you’ve been well prepared by your lender and REALTOR® but it’s still something that happens all too often.

In this blog post I will break down all of the costs of actually purchasing a home and some things you may not have even considered.  Overall, it is extremely important that you work with a lender and REALTOR® that educate you and keep you well prepared throughout the process.  Don’t lose the home of your dreams out of an obligation to work with a friend who just got their real

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