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funny contingent offers

The springtime homebuying rush has subsided (for now) and contingent offers are back in style! Have you been thinking of buying a new home? Now might be a perfect time!

Contingent offers come in all shapes and sizes. Chat with one of our Spotlight Houses agents today about your options. 

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area crimeAs Realtors, our job is to get you into YOUR perfect house. That means that we try to keep our own opinions about perceived conditions, like safety, to ourselves.  In fact, it is a violation of the Federal Fair Housing Law to "steer" a client to or away from a neighborhood.

Before buying your own home, it's a great idea to check out the neighborhood for yourself, to make sure it fits your needs. You may want to try these methods when considering making a new community your home. 

1. Drive around yourself! This way you can get a feel for things that might be important to you, like sidewalks and street lamps. 

2. Talk to the local police officers. They can give you very frank answers that can help you determine if you would be comfortable living in

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You've got it all under control. You have good credit, you have a great job and now you're even getting your first house! What goes better with a new home than a new car? NOTHING. That shiny new SUV is going to be awesome parked right in the driveway. You imagine hand washing it on the weekends while chatting about the weather with your neighbors. Ahhh that American Dream! 

But oh wait. Oh no. Your lender just called and your mortgage didn't get approved!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? It was supposed to be a done deal. 

Here's the thing. Your fabulous new car made the bank reconsider. Your loan pre-approval was based on the state of your credit and your debt load before you bought a car. That 5-passenger, 4-wheel-drive, success-mobile just added

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Hiring an Inspector? Here’s what to expect.  

  1. The inspection is visual only. They can’t get behind walls or into the sewer line.

  2. They will check plumbing, electrical, attic and crawl space.

  3. They will provide you with a report with pictures that you can utilize.

  4. Hire someone who is knowledgeable of the area, and tuned into common local issues.

  5. Should be certified! By the way, former builders make great inspectors.

  6. You can have them go over the basics of the home for you, such as where the water heater is located.

  7. The inspector should be objective throughout the process, and not tell you whether or not to buy the house.

  8. Don’t hire an inspector who charges by the hour.

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Having trouble narrowing down your search? Not a problem. With our local team's knowledge, we can help you find the school district, local attractions, and lifestyle that YOU need!

The Spotlight Houses Team has the most positive Zillow reviews of any local real estate team.  Call us today to see how as the #1 Selling RE/MAX Platinum Team in Michigan we make the process fun, easy and profitable for buyers and sellers. 

We are your trusted, local experts. Call us any time at (734) 677-3500. 

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